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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is there something wrong with me?

Ok, stop with the sarcasm!

No honestly. Is there something wrong with me? Two TV posts in a row.

So I am home alone tonight - Shannon is at a convention for work - and the TV is keeping me company. I don't mind time alone - I have cable! :)

The news is on. Yeah I said news, but only because I am too lazy to look for the remote. Not really paying attention, but I am sure there is SO much I could be paying attention to. The price of oil, the fires in CA, another recall on Chinese products, a missing kid somewhere in the world, etc. None of this has really phased me, and then it comes on...

I can't believe my eyes! I am drawn to our TV like a moth to my parent's bug zapper. As the reporter begins his monologue I am engulfed by what is being broadcast before me. This has to be the biggest discovery in modern civilization! I kid you not it was a 167 lb hairball! Curses I don't have TiVo! Guess now it will just be "one of those stories grandpa always tells" to my grandkids someday.

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