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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

El Camirod, El Carodder, Elky - Highboy?

No idea what you would call this. All I know is that a full a full-size version is being built by a guy on the H.A.M.B. His may not look exactly like this when done, but when I saw the initial "spy photos" I just had to draw up "my" finished version. It started life as a '59 El Camino that is now narrowed and chopped. It sits on a rolling chassis remenisant of the Mysterion show car, stuffed with your pick of any vintage V-8 with custom headers and an intake setup that looks like it came off of a pipe organ. It would have a custom mix yellow / gold paint with white tuck 'n roll interior, white 3 spoke steering wheel, and big shifter. And what show carm would be complete without a custom tube grill and quad headlights!

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