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Monday, October 22, 2007


So we are preparing to move - hopefully this week. And the question that keeps coming to mind is where did all this junk come from? I mean come on I take out the trash several times a week. Sometimes I even through out more than what is in the can. If I don't think we need it it is out by the curb.

You know I can understand our draw with 107 keys, 12 rolls of tape - none new, a pocket knife, a business card for a plumber, crayons, a ball of used tin-foil, a AA battery, and some toenail clippings, but what about all the "big" stuff? Where did all this come from? Did we buy it? Do we need it? How did it get here?

I think my wife smuggles it in. It seems to be a bigger problem than securing the US borders.

I questioned Shannon - "Have you been ordering from QVC again?"

"No, why?" she replies.

"Cause I don't remember buying this..." I say puzzling.

"Oh that - your mom gave it to us for our anniversary."

"Why would my mom get us the Suzanne Somer's Thighmaster Gold edition?"

"Ummm... maybe she got it on easy pay with free shipping..."

"Are you kidding me!?!"

"No, now put it next to the Paula Deen 217 pc. cookware set your grandfather gave us for Hanukkah..."

"Hey - wait! We aren't Jewish!"

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