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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two different worlds...

Here’s the big difference between men and women at the age when everyone’s looking for action.

Take two equally equipped ’68 Roadrunners, with the 440 Magnum-ah, what the heck, go for the Hemi with the décor package-vinyl top. The rally wheels with custom rims, and the air-grabber system. Put four girls in one, four guys in the other. You send them both out to get a six pack of beer, and tell them to be back by midnight.

The girls will probably be back by eleven o’clock. One beer is half empty and warm, with lipstick on the rim. The car’s cleaner than when you left it, it smells like a mix of Chanel No. 5 and gossip. Everyone’s chatting happily and planning how to get together soon for dinner.

The guys-if they ever come back-one is missing, there’s blood everywhere, no one’s talking. The beer’s gone, a second six-pack is also empty, some liquor bottles are in the back seat, there are spent shell casings on the floor, butt prints are all over the windows, a tire is flat, one fender’s all dented, the muffler’s hanging off, and a big piece of animal is strapped on the hood.

Two different worlds.

- Tim Allen

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Shannon said...

I love that one. So true about the women, except it would be a pack of Diet coke, dunford chocolate donuts, and exactly how it is. :)

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