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Monday, October 6, 2008

Mavericks, Reformers, and Joe Six Pack...

I, myself, am eager for Nov 4th to be over with. Not that I am excited about a new president, but just more that I am excited for this election garbage to end.

With the world currently in the state it is in I would think we would have someone stepping up to the plate with a plan, but I personally feel this is one of the worst election years I have ever witnessed. I am not into anyone running this year - not the nominees on the Peace and Freedom Party or the Party for Socialism and Liberation - let alone the "regular" two.

The slander / smear ad I heard from the McCain camp today couldn't even edit Obama's words without cutting them off in the middle. Honestly, it has been horrible!

Well at least I still have SNL... (sorry about the commercial)

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