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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Do you know why I pulled you over tonight...

Brazil driver with $1.8 million in traffic fines nabbed

From Reuters
September 25, 2008

SAO PAULO -- Transport authorities in Brazil have caught up with a speed-loving Brazilian driver who clocked up nearly $2 million in fines, local media reported.

Police intercepted the driver of a 12-year-old car in Sao Paulo at the spot he most frequently committed infractions, the O Globo daily said Thursday.

For seven years he had been speeding and running red lights but was not arrested earlier because he never registered the car in his own name.

The paper said the car, worth around $6,500, would be auctioned if the driver, unnamed, did not pay the $1.8 million in fines in 90 days.

1.8 million dollars! See dad - it wasn't so bad when mom would get pulled over...

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