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Thursday, September 18, 2008

One track mind...

Yeah, I got one. So what? I can't help it - I'm a guy.

Today a single male friend and myself where driving down one of the main streets. As we approached a red light he says:

"Wow! That ain't bad."

I immediately looked, and replied "Where?"

"Right there."


My head turning from side to side, looking out the windshield, not wanting to miss it...

"RIGHT there!" as he points to my right towards the corner.

I look over and he is pointing at a female in a fairly revealing outfit by the corner.

"Oh, I was looking for a good deal on gas..." I replied.

"You're pathetic!" he remarked as the light turned green.

One track mind - I can't help it.

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Shannon said...

So funny!! I'm sure glad you have a "one track mind".

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