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Monday, August 25, 2008

Five bucks for what...

So a couple of days ago I was home alone when all of the sudden I hear thump, thump, thump, ding-dong, ding, ding-dong at the front door. Shannon was out doing errands or something and I was upstairs. The urgency at the front door startled me and I flew down the stairs thinking something may have happened. We have no peephole so I quickly threw the deadbolt and yanked open the door. Standing at my door was a young blonde girl.

“Ok, so my name is Tiffany – with a Y - and I am trying to make some money,” she says to me in an overly perky voice.

I am not sure how much time pasted as she stood there smiling at me as I waited for her to finish. I’m sure I had a totally perplexed look on my face, because she never did. Finally I broke the silence.

“Oh, I get it… so where’s Chris Hansen?” I replied

“Ummm, what?”

“You know Dateline NBC. To Catch a Predator. Chris Hansen.”

“Ummm, ok. Like I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“How much are you looking for?”

And as I said that my only thought was I hope this is not a prostitution sting and, because that statement could be taken so many ways…

“Ummm, like five dollars. I’m a cheerleader!” she exclaimed and then did a little kick.

I kind of chuckled.

“Did my wife put you up to this?”


“Nevermind, what do I get for five dollars?”

What am I saying? Please don’t let this be an undercover cop I thought.

Ummm, you get this coupon for breadsticks at Papa John’s. They’re like really good.”

“You know I don’t even live here. I was just robbing the place when you knocked.”

Really, so do you know when the people that live here will be back?”

“Hopefully long after I leave.”

“So do you like think I should come back?” she asked

“Well if I have enough time to load up all of this stuff they probably won’t have money to waste on that coupon. You know they will have to spend it on furniture and stuff…”

“You’re probably right…” she said disappointedly

“Hey look if you like anything in here you can take it and try to pawn it.” I said with a smirk

“Naaah that’s ok.” she said as she began to turn away

Yes! You got rid of her that little voice said. I started to shut the door. And then it happened…

A few hours later Shannon was home picking up.

“Hey can I throw this Papa John’s coupon away?” I here her ask from the kitchen

“No! That cost me five bucks!”

“You paid five bucks for a breadsticks coupon? Are you kidding?”

Hunny, you just had to have been there.


Shannon said...

You did not really say all that to her, did you?! Man, guess I really had to have been there...too funny!

ryan said...

Honestly, have I ever imbelished or over exaggerated anything in my life???

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