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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It was a bee see...

So I know this guy who decided to take up beekeeping this year. He has a couple of "hives" and bought some bees on line. So today I asked him how it was going with the hive and our conversation went a little something like this:

"How's the bee thing going?" I asked

"Not too bad" he replied

"Good" I said

"Yeah, it was kind of crazy the other day. My sister went out to the hive and said there were a couple of bees 'wrestling'..."

"Huh, really?"


"Didn't you say you imported the bees?"

"Yeah, they're Italian bees."

"Oh, you know what it was... We live in Utah. It was probably a couple of Mormon bees."

"Mormon bees?"

"Yeah, they probably showed up on the porch to your hive. Knocked on the door and your Italian bees had them in a head lock sayin 'We don't want your bible!' Tell your sister if she sees them again to check if they have little ties on."


Shannon said...

ha ha ha! That's a good one!

L* & J* said...

LOL! You don't know for sure they were Mormon bees...they could've been Jehovah's Witness' bees...they sometimes come in male/female pairs. Have your friend "check under the bee's hood" so to speak...
ps--loved the "baby parts" conversation. I can just see that lady re-reading her "what to expect when you're expecting" book for the chapter on "parts"

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