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Monday, March 17, 2008

Corn beef, and Cabbage, and Dublin – Oh my!

Ah yes – St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. Growing up this day never met much to me. All I needed was a lil’ green that was easily removable just incase that cute girl wanted to give me a pinch (hey, don’t judge me - I was in grade school – take what you can get), and even quicker to put back on when those bullying 5th grader boys came around… There were the occasional green cookies, green Jell-O, or maybe some kind of green punch, but that was about it. St. Paddy’s was never big in my family, school, or community.

Fast forward 25 years and “Holy Shamrock!” My wife and her family are crazy over this day (maybe even more so than Christmas – see my previous blogs.). They are Irish and if you don’t believe me just look at there names – Quinn, Shane, Sean, Conn, Megan, Erin, Shannon, Caitilin, etc. They are good Irish though - like Bono. I spent St. Paddy’s day with them for the last few years and not one of them has ever gotten totally passed out stinkin’ drunk, discharged a firearm at the neighbors, or lit anyone’s property on fire.

They do go all out with decoration, face paint, clothes, jewelry, music, and food. They celebrate like no other I have ever seen around here and it is great.

So “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” to my extended fam.

And just to show my respect I will use some Irish Spring today! Oh yeah and hunny pass the Lucky Charms – mmm, magically delicious!

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