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Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's all in the name...

I recently read about a study where researchers determined the name a child is given, and grows up with, can directly influence the person they become as an adult. I mean if you name your kid Blade he will probably found a local chapter for the Hell’s Angels, but name the same kid Corky and he may never know the touch of a woman…

My parents gave me a normal, fairly common name. I haven’t had any world changing accomplishments in my life. Never shook hands with a president. I’m not filthy rich. I’ve been married a couple of time. Maybe that has to do with the not rich thing more than my name, hmmm…

Oh yeah - the study. After reading the article I began thinking about people I had met and their names. I wonder what some of them are doing now.

Lets see there was:

Fooch – I knew him in elementary school. Can’t remember his last name, and I am sure to this day no one knows it. He is a real life Kramer.

Ben Wilde – did his parents have some kind of foresight into his future?

Penny Nichols – one cent, five cents.

Key Chevelle – her dad was a car nut.

Hunter & Trapper – oh, how cute for brothers. Their mom thought so.

Stormy Dawn – maybe it was that “Hey, I’m 1/32 Cherokee” thing you always hear people say.

Candi Cane – She’s probably an exotic dancer or porn star.

Moonbeam Dover – Clever, sounds like moon beamed over. I assume she lives in the top of a Redwood tree somewhere in Humboldt County California now.

Benjamin Dover – Little brother to the “Moonbeam”. Everyone called him Ben.

Kris Krost – I bet she married some guy named Oliver Owt, and now goes by Kris Krost – Owt.

Boot Hill – honest.

Pepsee Kohler – wah-wah-wa…

Wow, parents come up with some weird names for kids. Luckily for the Mrs., and our children, I am nothing like that. I just wanna name our daughter Rhoda Harlee, and if it’s a boy – Darwin Duncan Shane. Say that in your best Wayne Newton voice!

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