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Monday, November 29, 2010

Over the river and through the woods...

To my childhood house we go.

Yep, Thanksgiving with the WY fam. We left a day early to beat the "blizzard of the decade", which was nothing like they thought it would be. Top 10 of the trip:

1. Drove 11 hrs, because of bad roads only to end up in about -20 weather (probably closer to -40 with the windchill).
2. Ate at Taco John's - a must whenever we are close to one!
3. Spent a couple of days seeing family and friends.
4. A fabulous Thanksgiving feast.
5. Slept too little.
6. Suffered some damage to the car.
7. Watched Max make new friends and go through the anxiety of adjusting to new places.
8. Wildlife watching / spotting.
9. Farson ice cream.
10. Shannon's induction into the Rocky Mtn Oysters eating club.

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