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Friday, February 29, 2008

Wish every Friday was like this!

Hahaha! Today was a slack day for me...

It started out by waking up just a little later than usual - 6:45 AM. And after a sensible breakfast, remember kids it is the most important meal of the day, the Mrs. and I head for the garage. We finally got the hood on the truck, and although this does not seem that grand to probably anyone reading this it made my day. It tested my nerves a few times, but I have to say "thanks hun!"

After that was done we took the truck out for a spin - she REALLY had to twist my arm. We cruised up to the local gas station and just around our neighborhood. It was great. I was a little nervous because all the truck has is a 1956 California license plate with a 1960 registration sticker!

"Ah,honest officer I did not realize the registration had lapsed, really..."

Anyhow I stopped at the local softball field an snapped a couple of pics.

Later that afternoon we stopped by the credit union to pay on my wife's car, that is why I prefer 54 year old vehicles, before heading over to the Salt Lake Autorama. What a good time. I am not into alot of the cars there, but there are always a dozen or so that I really enjoy.

After the Autorama we headed over to a local spot, ate some dinner, and then headed home.

Just a carefree, laid-back, great day...

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