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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Force is strong...

You know me - I am a car guy. I love 'em. I love anything do with them. My favorite car oriented sport has to be land speed racing, but my oldest favorite is drag racing!

Ok, I admit I used to partake in the "not so" sanctioned drag racing events held on the county roads of my home town (my mother just just got light headed). Oh come on mom - you thought different? Man, I loved my Nova... :D

Anyhow, back to what I was saying... drag racing. I love when February rolls around. Pomona, CA the air is thick with nitro and the roar of supercharged motor through open headers! I'm talking about the Winternationals! This year was great, because one of my favorite guys, John Force, was back in the seat.

John Force had a pretty serious wreck last year in TX and his career was kinda up in the air.

But he was back and did fairly well. In the first round of eliminations he went up against Tony Pedregon AND that was an awesome race! Tony exploded. It burned so bad it went through the fire suit. Check out the clips of that on .

John didn't win the Winternationals, but he is back. And he is strong. Keep your eye on him again this year.

Oh yeah and hunny... there are only 23 more races this season.

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