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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hangin' with Hef...

So I arrive home today and open the mailbox and one of two things floored me.

1. My mail did not look like the mailman ran it over, cleaned up his Carl's Jr. lunch with it, wadded it into a ball, and then trew it into my mailbox from across the street.

2. Second, and I am sure the reason for #1, was there was a naked woman smiling back at me!?!

I know, I know - seems that now that I am a homeowner I am on everyone's mailing list and it was a post card from Playboy. I thought it was kind of funny so I took it inside and left it on the counter from Shannon. She obviously did not share my amusement and even questioned me on it. Seems she think I may have something to do with it... like I am on a one on one with "the Hef".

Hunny - honestly it is because of the house, I swear.

Hef - if you read this I will be over a week from Saturday. Give Bridget a hug and kiss for me.

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