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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nose hair...

What are your feelings on it? As far as I knew it was not very sociably acceptable – at least here in the U.S. Maybe it is one of those European things I read about in the expensive magazines. Here it seems those who have it don’t really want it. It hasn’t quit caught on like sideburns or the goatee. I haven’t seen anyone growing it out yet in hopes of trimming it into a prize winning topiary or something… hmmm, picture that.

But times, well, the must be a changin’. I recently saw that artificial nose hair was spotlighted at a show in Geneva. Seems there may actually be some sort of “demand” for such a thing.

The inventor was quoted as saying "Most people do not have enough nose hair."

Honestly? I mean have you met any male over 50?

He was also quoted as saying “"It's comfortable to wear and cheap."

Wow! Is this the toupee for the 21st century!

But I think what really sold me was the fact that “the hair can be washed and reused.”

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